Steven Furtik Bio, Age, Wife, Family, Children, House, Ne Worth


You may have known him from the many christian sermons he has posted on Youtube. Steven Furtik is a minister of God’s word, preacher and author of many religious books that have been best-selling in America and across the world. The Pastor being the main preacher at the Charolotte`s Elevation Church has managed to attract a crowd of members to the tune of 12,000 every Sunday. The Church has gained lots of fame from his popularity airing live on Sundays and releasing many different sermons on religious and prosperity gospel. Whispers has gathered lots of information about the Pastor including his happy family, children, house and net worth.

Steven Furtik Biography

Steven hails from South Carolina Moncks. He has graduated from North Greenville University with a Degree in Arts and a specialization in Communication. Her later gained Masters of Divinity and Theological Studies. Furtik narrates that he received a calling from God when he was young studying at Berkeley High School. Here he made a choice to be a priest of service to Christians and he did away with all other plans he had in his career. This came after reading a book by a preacher like named Fresh Wind. Furtik`s parents being Christians gave him all the support he he needed for the new career choice. After serving as a Music Director in Covenant Church, Steven moved to start his own church in Charlotte named Elevation Church.

Steven Furtik Age

Furtik maintains a young look and dresses often casually. This maintains his young look leaving many asking what his actual age is. Steven was born in 1980, February 19th, he turned 43 years old in 2023 February. His Zodiac sign is Pisces with a sign of fish swimming in different directions. There is lots of maturity and youthfulness associated with this zodiac sign.

Steven Furtick Wife

Furtick is married to a lady named Holly Furtick. Both have been married and enjoying their companionship from 2002. Furtick has fathered three kids with Holly. The family has been living in North Carolina for more than a decade. Both parents enjoy training their kids to follow the ways of the lord.

Steven Furtik Family

Furtick`s mother is klnown as Faith Furtick and his father is LArry Furtick. His parents have been living in North Carolina for decades. However, Larry, Furtick`s father died in 2013 June. Both of the parents have been Christians all their lives.

Steven Furtick Net Worth

The estimated net worth is the foremost concern that fans have when it comes to pastors. Prosperity gospel has led many to believe that they are being duped into enriching the pastors. Furtick owns 16,000 square foot luxurious house in Waxhaw. The property is estimated to be worth about 1.6 million dollars. Furtick is estimated to have a net worth of about 55 million dollars. Many have debated whether all this wealth has come from evangelism. He managed to pull a crowd of many people from February 2006 and eventually gaining lots of popularity especially among the youth. Steven has rose so much in the ranks of fame to achieve being in the list of Oprah`s Supersoul100 list of Visionaries, speaking in Global Leadership Summit and Hilsong Conference of 2012.