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David Muir Biography

Jason Muir is an American News Anchor at ABC News. David is a journalist and is famous for winning the Emmy Awards. David Muir was born in November 1973 on 8th in New York. Muir was born to a Roman Catholic family. David studied at Onondaga Central Junior and Senior High School. He later pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in his career, Journalism. He studied Political Journalism at the University of Salamanca in Spain.

David Muir Career

Muir is a journalist and a News Anchor currently working at ABC News as the main News Anchor. David has a wide range of experience in Journalism gathered from working with many News Houses.  David has worked at some of the most highly-rated News Houses. Among the stations are ABC News, WTVH, and WCVB, among others. David was honored for his report on the famine amid many criticisms from different sources. He exposed the famished population of the war-torn nation. David was the main News Correspondent of the US Presidential 2012 elections at ABC News. He grilled Mitt Romney on Immigration and Economic issues. Muir was nominated for an Emmy Award for his investigation series Made In America. In this series, he covered the American Economy in a vast and accurate manner. In 2003 Muir was reporting from Iran on nuclear weapons.

David Muir`s Career at WTVH

At WTVH television, David Muir anchored from 1994-2000. Muir reported from Tel Aviv, Israel, the Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem among others. Muir achieved top honors for reporting on the assassination of Israel`s Prime Minister. He was recognized by major organizations like the Syracuse Press Club among many others. Muir has reported from Africa on several occasions. He was In Egypt during the revolution and later In Somalia. He composed a documentary dubbed Inside Somalia`s Crippling Famine.

David Muir`s Career at ABC News

David served as the World News Now main anchor. This was an overnight show for News. He joined the morning show named America This Morning thereafter. Muir anchored World News with David Muir Show. He reported various deadly places filled with terrorism and natural disasters among others. In Oct 2006 when Israel was at war with Hezbollah, David updated the News from the Israeli-Lebanon border. Muir was in the Gaza Strip during the Hamas coup. He was also in Peru when the country was hit by a deadly earthquake. Muir has been in Haiti many times to report on natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. The results of such disasters were fatal leading to more than 200,000 lives lost and a mental crisis among the survivors.

David Muir Honors

Muir was honored with an honorary Doctorate of Letters at Ithaca College. Jessica Savitch School awarded David Muir with The Award of Distinction for his Excellence In Journalism. In 2015 Muir was honored with an honorary Doctor of Media.

David Muir Height

Muir Stands at a height of 1.8m / 180 cm

David Muir Marriage

Muir has deliberately made details of his marriage life very private. David is hot-looking and probably seeing someone currently undisclosed to the public. Rumors about the journalist`s orientation have spread across the internet with some doubting that David is straight. We however are certain that one can still get married at any age and a delay in getting a wife is not a reason enough to assume a change of orientation.

David Muir Faces Cancer

David was diagnosed with Face Cancer and is now cancer-free. There was a rumor that the reporter was critically ill, but this was not true. On Monday night’s show, there was a lot of material and stories on David Muir`s health and illness. So far, there has been no indication of cancer found. David looks healthy.

What happened to disfigure David Muir’s face

David Muir is alleged to have had cosmetic surgery. He reportedly underwent nose surgery. This may be noticed by comparing his before and after photos. The journalist seemed to be slimmer after the procedure, but there is no evidence that he is at any medical risk. From time to time, celebrities are lured into internet scams. The ABC News presenter was recently diagnosed with skin cancer. As a result, celebrities like Bradshaw are frequently in the news; nonetheless, we should not believe everything we hear.

Is David Muir Gay

For years, there have been rumors that David is gay. We’ll discuss his sexuality rumors in this article. Is David Muir a homosexual? Many people have asked themselves this question. Online speculation has run wild, with some believing that he must be gay because he never married and has no children. Is there any evidence to support these claims?

David Muir Facts

  • Date of birth          November 8, 1973
  • Age                         49
  • Place of birth        New York, United States
  • Nationality             American
  • Ethnicity                 Mixed
  • Height                       5 feet and 10 inches
  • Weight                      74 kg
  • Profession                 Journalist

Muir and Rebbecca Muir’s wedding pictures

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