Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Millions of Voters Unperturbed by Trump`s Extremism On Christmas Eve

As many world leaders embrace and seek peace during the Christmas festive season that happens to be raging with wars and the disturbing lack of peace across the world, ex-president Trump has taken to X- formerly Twitter to Challenge Biden and Jack Smith. This though has not wavered his supporters an inch who believe he is aggrieved and should have won the election he lost last. Trump has repeated over and again his plans to make America Great Again with his new policies that delve into Immigration. The ex-president has claimed that there was deliberate electoral interference and rigging in the last election that saw him lose although he tried to still stay in power after losing the election.

Millions of Voters Unperturbed by Trump`s Extremism

A second term for Trump could bring a lot of drastic changes to America. The issue of electoral fraud has been Trump’s main pillar in his campaign rendering voters concerned about the possible changes that may come with another term though not consecutive with Trump as the president. His temperament and extreme fury on administrative offices in place are not positive signs of what is in store for a second term with him as president. Donald Trump explains that Biden had oversight on election interference in 2020. Criminal charges against him are 91 following the chaos that resulted at Capital Hill after his loss of the election. Donald is promising his supporters a great win in the forthcoming elections.

Forthcoming Rains to Beat Trump

The legal dark cloud is hanging low on Donald and this appears to be his daily headache. The many lawsuits against Donald have made him slam almost everyone in his campaigns. Jack Smith has brought a case against Trump for trying to overturn the 2020 elections. Trump has however argued that his actions were meant to ensure transparency in the election. The case will be brought to the Supreme Court accompanied by another case that may render him ineligible for office. Donald caused worry in America after the 2020 elections. This has not happened in any other elections in the history of America. Trump has been faulted Florida governor for neglecting his promises to make America Great Again. Mike Pence has ridden on Trump`s infamous actions to fie his comics without success. Still Millions of Voters Unperturbed by Trump`s Extremism.  Comment here as you read more.