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Emily Hand was assumed to have long been assassinated by the Hamas terror group. Her family was overjoyed to see the nine-year-old girl emerge among the released hostages. Her father Clarissa Ward was speechless. He revealed that his daughter the October 7 attack had devastated making him presume that his daughter was killed by Hamas. The daughter was reunited with her father after being released by Hamas. In this heinous attack, Israelis suffered as their relatives were kidnapped, and lives were lost as the Hamas militants invaded.  

Emily Hand Abduction

Hand`s life was assumed to be already taken by the Hamas. CNN recorded the moment Emily Hand was reunited with her father after release. Online presumed rumors were spreading that many of the abducted children had been assassinated by Hamas already. Emily and other abducted Israeli children were handed over to the Red Cross and driven to Rafah, Egypt through Saturday night. Israeli Security officers identified the hostages at this point and sent them by air to Israel. Emily was taken to the Hospital where she was joyously joined by her father and other family members.

Emily Hand Release/Gaza

The border that was once tightly guarded was destroyed as the militants forcibly accessed the land and carried out the attack. The abducted Israelis were estimated to be 240 many being civilians, even including children. Emily was visiting a friend and here she was spending the night when the attack happened. The ceasefire agreement between the Israeli defense forces and Hamas has seen some of the hostages being freed from Hamas. It was during this period that Emily was freed and reunited with her father. “She is broken but in one piece”, her father said. Emily was released barely a day after her Birthday. Her father says that she is going to enjoy one of the best Birthday Parties ever in a party he is going to throw.

Emily Hand Father And Family

Emily`s father is Thomas. She is born into a stepfamily with her two half-siblings loving her even more. Thomas, her father, is from Dublin. The family can’t wait to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah together with Emily. Emily`s family is of both Catholic and Jewish religions, so they celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. The family had earlier been in constant communication with the president of Israel to see to it that their daughter was saved from the terrorists. President Michael D Higgins welcomed Emily back with open arms and wished the family a happy life with Emily among them. The family has however said that they are planning to take Emily to a more peaceful country like England so that she can recover there. The Government is trying to establish a permanent ceasefire agreement so as to free the many more hostages that are still in captivity in Gaza.

Emily Hand Age

The earlier abducted girl is very young. She is nine years old born on 17th November 2014.