Who are Jehovah`s Witnesses? Who are the governing body? Who is Antony Morris?


You may have encountered them on the road, on your doorstep or they may have invited you to their KingdomHalls. Who are Jehovah`s Witnesses? Recently the organization has hit the TV screens with great popularity after one of the Governing body members, Anthony Morris was cut out. Many other witnesses have come out identifying themselves as PIMO meaning Physically In but Mentally Out of the religion. The organization has undergone a lot of scrutiny by the general public and also the Australian Commission which wanted to know how the organization treated cases of Child abuse.

Ten Things You Did not Know About Jehovah`s Witnesses?

They identify themselves as an Organization, not a religion.

Jehovah`s Witnesses use special vocabulary deliberately to distinguish themselves from other religions. They see themselves closer to God than other religions. The whole fraternity of Jehovah`s Witnesses across the world is known as Jehovah`s Organization. This includes all places of worship worldwide. The witnesses desist from being known as a religion. All members are members of the organization while anyone who is not yet a baptized brother is seen as a person of the world. That brings us to our second point.

Jehovah`s Witness refers to nonmembers of the organization as Unholy People of The World.

Members of the organization are taught that the world is passing away along with its desires. They believe that they are the only true religion on earth. They also believe that when the Grand War of God comes, they are the only people who will be saved while the World as they know it will come to pass. Everything that a witness does on earth is supposed to be about surviving Armageddon. They treat their fellow members of the organization with lots of kindness while nonmembers of the organization are associated with everything evil. The worldly people are like their father Satan the devil according to witnesses.

They Only Marry Among Themselves

Witnesses are not allowed by the organization to marry members of the World or members of other religions. They see themselves as members of the special organization of Jehovah while anyone who is not in their support is seen as an enemy of God. You may have noticed by now that witnesses tend to keep things secret. They do not want much about them to be known by people who have no intention of becoming members. Many have married out of the TRUTH and they end up being disfellowshipped or shunned. You better not bring reproach on Jehiovah`s name.

Jehovah`s Witnesses Do Not Vote

You may not have known that your JW neighbor next door is not voting for any leader in this system of things. After all as they know the system of things is being ruled by Satan the devil. Voting is supporting this system of things that is under the rulership of Satan. This is because they believe that Satan is the leader of this world. They call this the system of things under Satan the Devil. All witnesses believe that voting is participating in Satan`s system of things. The witnesses believe that only their religion is true and they have labeled their teachings and literature THE TRUTH. Every one of the witnesses perceives every form of literature preached by anyone else apart from their Governing Body as a LIE.

Shunning/Disfellowshipping Policy

Jehovah`s Witnesses have tried to maintain a high moral standard according to them. Any memebrwho is caught or suspected to be bringing reproach to Jehovahs name is disciplined by being shunned.  They have a council of elders who preside over the congregation where none is their head.  They have a coordinator of the Body of Elders who serves as the chairman of the body of elders The elders announce at their meetings that a brother or a sister is no longer one of Jehova`s Witnesses.

Governing Body/Faithful Slave

The Jehovah`s Witnesses believe that God has only one way of communicating with humans on earth. He uses the faithful and discreet slave who happens to be the 8 members of the Governing Body of the religion. This is why they call their gospel TRUTH and they take any form of teaching or instruction from any other source to be LIES. Many JW critics have published videos of Anthony Morris drunk and enjoying himself in a liquor store in his neighborhood.

Thou shall not Sue your brother In Court:

You may not have known that JWs do not take each other to court. They sue members of other religions and they discourage members from suing each other. This has led to many cases of child abuse by the elders and trusted members holding senior positions. Members of the religion do not take each other to court. They prefer to use their Judicial System that grills wrongdoers to the point of revealing everything to them. Cases of Immortality and fornication are punishable by shunning or disfellowshiping.

Anointed Brothers and Sisters:

Did you know that witnesses believe that not every faithful Christian will go to heaven?  They believe that there is a little flock of special members of about 144,000 listed in the Revelation. This little flock according to the witnesses is raptured and will go to heaven. They will rule for 1,000 years together with Jesus Christ in heaven. When the full number of 144,000 is sealed, they believe that there shall be no more anointed brothers on earth.  That is a determinant of the end of this system of things according to witnesses. They will keep the idea of the end of this world in your mind reminding you that the system of things is passing away and that you should forego earthly pleasures.

No Blood Transfusion

Did you know that Jehovah`s Witnesses would rather die than take a blood transfusion? They interpret the mosaic rule of not eating blood to be referring to any form of intake of blood. Many witness patients have died claiming that they cannot take blood that is supposed to save them from death. Witnesses carry a card in their pockets at any one time written in capitals NO BLOOD. This is power of attorney written to caution any doctor in case of emergency to use any other method of recovery on a witness patient. If any doctor goes ahead to use blood to save the life of a witness by use of blood, the doctor stands to be sued for the use of the card.

Discouraging Members Against Higher Education

Members of the governing body release JW Broadcast every month. In one of the broadcasts, one of the holy guys was discouraging their flock from acquiring degrees and any form of higher education. They say no higher education will be required after the world is wiped away in Armageddon. This is a way of making sure that none of the members engage their critical thinking skills.

Jehovah`s Witnesses

Whispers shall be releasing more content on this cultuous organization. Today Whispers reveals what you may not have known about the smartly dressed Christians who knock on your door claiming to invite you to their meetings. Many drastic changes have been happening among Jehovah`s Witnesses leading to many fallouts and creation of doubts among the attendees. Also, many disfellowshipped or shunned brothers and sisters have come out to reveal what really happens in the religion.